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woah that's really good ! I'm going to try and write some stuff now thnx (:


thanks :) good luck amigo. send me your stuff when you’re done

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“Fuck em all, lets make our own legends.”


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Could you give me an example? (You don't have to)


I wrote this last year. The beauty of an extended metaphor is that the audience gets to choose how to percieve it


Fruit of thy labour

Seeded in loam,

Nourished by those

Who would see it grow.

Watered and watered,

Day after day,

Something is stirring

Beneath the rough clay.

Tended and Nurtured,

As a child, firstborn,

It breaks free from beneath,

O! the earth is defied.

Upwards and outwards

New growth springs forth,

In search of the sun,

Whose life-giving rays

Tendrils search for,

Tentative but keen,

Filling out until

They’re something to see.

Danger is surfacing,

But life must go on,

Not to be deterred

The plant puts out its

Thorns and, safe from harm,

The real work can begin;

On the uppermost branches,

A bud starts to form.

From the roots to the bud,

Life force is moved,

For with the growth of

the flower, the plant shall prove

Its case to the world,

That despite all the gloom

What else shall a rose do

but bloom?

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I try to write about love but I can never get across what I want ); how do u do it ?


Well, the trick is to use a metaphor or motif. If you can convince your audience that its about love, you dont have to actually say it outright. Or, just write something about the person you are in love with, or have a deep relationship with

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Were do you find inspiration?


Gee, thats pretty difficult. Generally, i try and use whatever my emotions are at the time. It turns out pretty shitty if you dont feel it. Also, i find that photography is a great point to find inspiration. Either looking at it or taking it. Most of all, reflect on your relationships with the people you love, and base it off that if it works

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